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Each day we are diligently working on a variety of projects for our clients. You can find us doing end-to-end development (game design, development documentation, art design, and testing) or taking over live operations for our clients' games. We are highly skilled in porting games from platform to platform, as well as in fully testing new and old games.

Apart from the fact that we’re incredibly friendly, we also draw from the 12+ years of experience we have in the mobile gaming market. We have 50 dedicated employees to help create the best possible product for you. Using Scrum and Lean approaches, our teams deliver quality work on-time every time, meaning you can quickly market a product that will delight your customers.



With over 300 games ported, we’d like to say that porting is a no-brainer for us. Our porting service ranges from porting to completely different platforms to game upgrades for updates in operating systems. We can also handle new localization implementation, billing system implementation, and DRM implementation. Before releasing your newly ported game, it goes through the gambit of UX/UI testing, security testing, and anti-cheating testing.

Our porting and technical services cover all technical-related issues that a live game faces:

  • Porting / conversion to cover new devices or platforms

  • Upgrading to support new device OS versions & features

  • Technical maintenance

  • New localization implementation

  • New billing system implementation

  • New carrier or manufacturer DRM implementation

A technical team handles these services


  • A dedicated producer and Scrum Master

  • A dedicated team of programmers

  • A dedicated team of artists and game designers

  • A dedicated team of quality assurance engineers

Our process & organization


  • The producer is your central point of contact

  • He is actively involved in your decision-making process to ensure that the best solutions are selected

  • The team is constantly available to handle all issues