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Bladelords - Fighting Revolution


The players will be able to reveal their inner fighter with this new version of our F2P fighting game. Available exclusively and for free on the App Store, Blad [...]



Tour de France 2014 - the official mobile game!


We are really proud to announce the release of our new mobile game: Tour de France 2014 – the official mobile game. This year, live again the experience of [...]



Oggy And The Cockroaches


Discover Oggy, the new hilarious runner game on the French App Store and Google Play! Jump, roll, fly and swing your flyswatter to crush these shameless cockroa [...]



Tour de France 2013


The Tour de France 2013 mobile game will bury the aficionados of the Tour in the real conditions of the race and will make them relive, stage by stage, the euph [...]



Allianz Riviera


Allianz Riviera Le Jeu is an original and funny advergame for iOS and Android platforms to discover the Allianz Riviera, the new generation and eco-friendly sta [...]



Blade Lords


Blade Lords is the ultimate free-to-play fighting game available on the App Store. Choose your side and defend or destroy the kingdom by facing the toughest opp [...]



Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I


The sequel fans have waited 16 years for is finally here - Sonic The Hedgehog™ 4 Episode I! Featuring enhanced gameplay elements, including the classic Sonic [...]



Avengers Initiative


Android game based on huge Marvel's title. Track down and defeat some of the world’s most notorious villains and help The Avengers pull the world back from th [...]



Pro Evolution Soccer 2012


Huge title of Konami which has been released since 2001! Playsoft did a porting of this great game for soccer fans to iOS, Android and bada platforms.



Robot Unicorn Attack


Update of iOS and Android versions of funny runner game done by [adult swim]. Gallop, leap and dash through the sky in pursuit of your dreams! Once the magic of [...]



Spot it : Dobble!


Warning: Dobble can make you addicted! The best-seller game finally adapted on your mobile! With simple rules that make the game accessible to everyone, Dobble [...]



Dora's Dress-up Adventures!


Dress up Dora the Explorer and go on an adventure! Choose locations for Dora to visit like the Purple Planet, the Old West and the Crystal Kingdom! Dress Dora l [...]



Closer Star City


Become the star you've always wanted to be! Get into the private life of your favorite stars, become their BFF and show the world the dormant star within you!



Rabbids Go Phone !


Bwaaah! After having invaded the world of Rayman, the television, and the moon, the Rabbids have decided to invade your iPhone! No doubt that your Rabbid will s [...]





The night falls... Screamings are heard... An anonymous call to the police... You're sent on what seems to be just a couple argument... When you arrive, a coup [...]



The Price is Right


Become a contestant of the famous TV show "The Price is Right". Face other players, and be the best at guessing what the exact price is within several mini-gam [...]





Become a contestant of the famous culinary TV Show. Cook all the different recipes in the given time but make sure they are properly cooked and seasoned. Chall [...]



Oasis La Chuuute


Choose your favorite fruity friend and jump the highest possible along the waterfall! Beware and make sure to avoid all the obstacles on your way, and to always [...]



Ar Drone by Parrot


Inside or outside the AR Drone will give you a unique gaming experience. Using both augmented reality and videogames sensations, AR Drone is a little high-tech [...]



Moonshield by Thales


Moonshield is a management game initiated by Thales. Your mission: in a near future, your role will be to defend and protect the Earth from a meteorite shower [...]





It's your turn to be the star! With just your internet browser and a mike, show the world YOU are the best fan ever! Sing, take part in contests with other pla [...]



Touch of Fun


Bring a touch of fun into your life with the best multi-player experience on the iPad! Gather your entire family and friends around for 8 fun, accessible and [...]



Break the Rules Or Not


Follow the rules of the game to win or…NOT! Break the Rules is a simple yet addictive game that requires concentration and a great deal of speed! The rules [...]